1. Get a qualification the skills and experience to succeed in your chosen industry!

Apprenticeships are structured training programmes which allow you to gain a qualification and the skills, experience and knowledge to succeed in your chosen industry! Qualifications vary but could be National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), Technical Certificates (BTEC, City & Guilds etc) or academic qualifications (Higher National Certificates and Diplomas, Foundation degrees or the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree).


2. Earn while you learn!

Gain practical on the job training where you can apply what you are learning in the classroom into practice. You’ll not be studying all the time, you’ll be working too!

3. You will be trained in the skills that employers want.

If there is not a job vacancy available at the end of the apprenticeship with your employer, you will be trained up to work for another company!


4. Apprenticeships don’t cost you any money.

You skip student debt – yes that’s right, no student loans and no tuition fees! Instead you will earn money.


5. There are so many choices of apprenticeships

From business administration to veterinary nursing; from retail to hairdressing; from sport to baking, there really is something for everyone!


6. Develop your confidence

Hands on training can help you build confidence as you are putting your skills and knowledge into practice.

7. Long term benefits

You will set yourself up for the future as there is lots of potential to progress quickly –apprenticeships are available up to degree level or higher.


8. Meet new people

This could mean more friends and more professionals in your network who can help you in your career!

9. Gain independence

You will become more confident and independent as you earn a living, develop your skills and apply what you learn into your work.

Blog written by: Vicky Holmes

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