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What is the ambassador programme?

Our ambassador programme is a way to ‘give back’ for those people who really want to make a difference and help others in their world. Clients who have had some help from our team here at Newcastle Futures have now found success and want to put a hand out and help some to do the same. Maybe you are thinking of becoming one our clients or need to know more about an industry and want a truthful insight to all of this.

How does it work?

First clients who wish to benefit from the programme are ‘associates’ who want to hear from someone that has been where they have and has found success or is now working in an industry they are interested in. To be an associate just ask your Newcastle Futures adviser and say you are interested in taking part in a session.

Secondly if one of our clients wants to be an ‘ambassador’ on the programme they can get in touch with their Newcastle Futures adviser. We will organise a meeting with the associate, adviser and ambassador.

The Ambassador will share their experiences about their new found success. This could be in an industry that the associate is interested in or how they used the Newcastle Futures service and resources. Associates can ask all sorts of questions and get a good insight from someone who understands what it’s like.

How are ambassadors & associates matched?

Advisers will have had a chance to get to know both the ambassadors with the associates so they will be responsible for making the match. This will hopefully allow for a great pairing and lots will be gained from the meeting.

How long will a meeting last?

We find that video calling is best as it’s quick to organise and deliver. Ambassadors are normally working so it is easier to fit a video call into their work schedule rather than a face to face meeting. They are usually only around 20 minutes.

Why should I be an associate?

Although Newcastle Futures have experienced employability advisers who are here to give advice and encourage you, we understand that “seeing is believing” and we know those that have walked this path have something to offer. We are also proud of what our ambassadors (who are ex-clients) have achieved and think you will be too.

All our ambassadors have been unemployed and can relate to struggling; they have tried different routes, they know what Newcastle Futures gave them, and they can tell you how they used our service and much more. They will share how to make what you want possible.

We have found that these sessions develop both the associate and ambassador’s confidence and ignites motivation. All this helps to inform what it’s like to work in different industries and the truth of the ups and downs of various jobs and support!

Why should I be an ambassador?

To make a difference to others and give back – this is a great feeling.

CV development – get something different on your CV. Making your CV stand out is hard, this could give you the edge on others. It shows that you care about developing others – a leader in the making!

Improves your communication skills – especially on digital platforms. It shows that you have taken the time to develop your digital skills during the pandemic.

Develops presentation skills – this will be extremely useful when climbing the career ladder or for interviews.

To inspire others – people don’t always realise that their success story can inspire others, showing them that it can be done and not to give up.

Additional Questions.

Will being an ambassador affect my work schedule?

No – sessions will be made flexible around you.

I like my spare time, as an ambassador how many sessions will I need to do and how often?

There is no set commitment as this is a voluntary. We are focused on working with and around your schedule wherever possible. Therefore, if you cannot do a session that is completely fine it is simply “as and when” you are available.

Who will arrange everything?

The adviser will organise everything, so all you would need to do is simply turn up on the date and time agreed.

As an ambassador what will people ask me? Will I have to prepare anything?

You will work with your adviser who will be there through the whole journey and will help plan the session, giving you enough time and awareness to prepare answers to possible questions. Remember, these are really informal and relaxed sessions, no one will be put ‘on the spot’. There will be no right or wrong answers, it’s just what information you already have to share.


RossLaboratory Technician
“Newcastle Futures provided me with the skills and tools I needed to allow me to create my own success, so I felt it was only right to repay the favour to them whilst also helping others who find themselves in the same scary position I was in.”
DayseCase Manager
“I accepted to be an ambassador for Newcastle Futures because I can and want to help other people to maintain confident and keep looking for the job they want.”
“I become an ambassador for Newcastle Futures to help give back the support and helpful information I received from the team while I was with Newcastle Futures.”

Want to take part in our Ambassador Programme?

JennEmployment Adviser

If you would like to find out more about becoming and Ambassador you can speak with your Newcastle Futures adviser or email Jenn at jenn.wilson@newcastlefutures.co.uk and start making a difference to your life and others!

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