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Futures Talk
is a partner communication network that enables partners to share information in order to improve service to the residents in and around Newcastle. The service is free to anyone and relies on partners providing content for us to share widely in order to promote their services to a wider audience. The information is disseminated into 6 themes.

Any current vacancies that employers, partners or training providers may have available and who would like local networks to promote to their clients/residents.

One off training sessions and courses (whether certificated or not) can be promoted via this route.

Any current information that relates to policies that affect residents within the economy agenda.

Labour Market Information
Information and current news which relates to the employment and skills agenda, sourced from local and national partners and agencies.

Both free and chargeable events which would be of interest to both unemployed residents and partners working in the area.

Cascade of Information relating to any funding that may be available for both residents and partners.

So, if you work for an organisation delivering services to residents in and around Newcastle and you would like to contribute and/or receive information from Futures Talk, please complete the form below. Alternatively if you would like to know more information please contact us on 0191 230 2970

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Futures Talk Disclaimer – Futures Talk will not alter or tamper with any emails submitted for circulation. It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure they have relevant permission(s) prior to forwarding to Futures Talk. Every effort is made to screen out unsuitable emails however, Futures Talk can not take responsibility for the content of information or events advertised. In the instance of large emails, we are unable to distribute anything through Futures Talk larger than 5Mb.

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