This is Newcastle Futures' Hall of Fame

We are very proud of what our clients achieve. Here are some of the kind things they say about us. We wish them all success for their futures!
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“I would advise anyone who is out of work to contact Newcastle Futures. Just normal, helpful, friendly, easy going people who want to help.”


“Since receiving help from Newcastle Futures, my confidence has grown and my mental health has dramatically improved. I am now in employment in a warehousing role and would tell anyone without a job to contact Newcastle Futures.”


“My adviser Jill doesn’t ‘just’ help me look for the perfect job, she cares about my welfare in general. If all the people who work for Newcastle Futures are as dedicated as she is, then they must be one hell of a team!”


“I have received support to return to work but more than that, I feel that Newcastle Futures & Jill have been there for me in more ways than just employment.”


“I would recommend Newcastle Futures and tell people how proud I am of myself and how far I have come. I don’t listen to the negative voice in my head anymore and now I can see what can be achieved.”


“The service was amazing, finally getting me into work after so long. Jenn my adviser was amazing, coaching and helping me every step of the way.”


“‘I found working with Vicky during my job search to be an extremely motivational and productive experience.”


“I needed to know how I can search for jobs and which way is the best to look for jobs, Vicky’s advice gave me a better understanding of what sort of training I need to get my favourite job… and taught me how I should write a good CV and cover letter which was so helpful.”


“I would pass anyone on to Newcastle Futures, they’re just amazing! I have taken loads of advice from Jenn, I can’t thank her enough!”


“No judgements, understanding, attentive.”


I got a job from working with Jenn which is amazing. She was really helpful.


“I genuinely feel that my time with Newcastle Futures has helped improve my confidence in tackling the workforce. Through this improvement I have achieved both a professional CV as well as a job that I can be proud of.”


“My adviser Daniel was always willing to help me out and he kept in regular contact with me to check on the progress of job applications I had pending . I was also able to ask for additional support with a variety of things like job applications, CV and cover letter preparation and also interview preparation which allowed me to finally regain employment. “

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