Privacy Policy

Registration with the company:

Upon registering with Newcastle Council (Newcastle Futures), we will ask for your consent for the company to hold the information you provide on a secure database system. The controller and processor of this data will be Newcastle City Council.

Any requests for subject access should be made to

The consent which is signed to agree your participation with the project is:

1. I understand this service is voluntary and give my consent for my personal details to be held on a secure database (Hanlon) and used by Newcastle City Council (Newcastle Futures Employability Service) to confirm my identity and be released to employers, funders, partners and referral organisations where it is necessary in the interests of increasing my employment prospects. My personal information may be used for the purpose of management information and external audit requirements by the organisation collecting the data or any organisation with whom the data has been shared for the purposes of increasing my employment prospects.

a. I understand that my personal details will be input onto the Hanlon database for purposes described below and will be destroyed no later than 6 years from not using the service

b. I understand that I can withdraw my consent to the sharing of information and request copies of all information held by Newcastle City Council (Newcastle Futures Employability Service) and any organisation that is working on my behalf. I can do this at any time and this does not affect my right to claim benefit now or in the future.

c. Newcastle City Council (Newcastle Futures) works with partners including local authorities, DWP and a range of community partners. I understand that Newcastle City Council needs my consent to share relevant personal information to enable them to make referrals to our partners for the purposes of help/services that may be available.

d. I understand that this information will be stored securely by Newcastle City Council and will only be used for the specific purposes as detailed below in section 3.

2. The information Newcastle City Council may share is:

a. Your name, National Insurance Number and/or date of birth

b. Training or any other vocational courses undertaken – type of course, provider and qualifications achieved.

c. Any barriers preventing you from entering into work.

d. Specific job goals – Agreed action plans and referrals to job vacancies.

e. Details of job outcomes – employer, nature of work and start date.

f. Any appropriate personal information you have provided on this form.

g. Personal details will be held on a secure central Hanlon database run by and overseen by Newcastle Local Authority as the Data Controller and with your permission, can be shared with other partners we are in working with to deliver services to you for the purposes of helping you find work.

*3. This information will only be used or shared for the following purposes:

a) To help our Partners provide you with relevant advice and support in relation to getting back to work.

b) To help our **Partners to encourage you to access the support and advice they provide, or that is available to you.

c) To help the Newcastle City Council (Newcastle Futures) advisory team and Partners support you by discussing your needs, and to identify any further help that could be offered by other partner organisations.

d) Details provided to us are confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than that already stated. This information may be held and used within Customer Management System Hanlon. Newcastle City Council is the Data Controller and Data Processor and respects the security of your personal information and undertakes to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.

e) Should you sign up with a funded programme, , you may be required to provide further details and evidence and will be subject to their specific data handling and processing arrangements. This will be explained to you at sign up.

4. You may be contacted in the future with regard to monitoring, evaluating and offering further assistance. Participating in evaluation arranged by our partner organisations will be explained should you sign up.

5. I authorise Newcastle City Council and other Partners to use the personal details I have provided for the reasons outlined above only. I also understand that if any information is given to any other organisation for research and monitoring purposes that I will not be identified. I understand that I can withdraw my consent to the sharing of information at an

Due to funding arrangements, we need to collect this data to satisfy the criteria of accessing support. If we do not hold this consent from you we may not be able to offer all services available.

When data is shared with another partner in your search for employment, the data will become the responsibility of that party to use in accordance with their policies and procedures.

**Partner organisations may include your local authority, North of Tyne Combined Authority, housing association, advice and guidance providers, training and voluntary organisations (this list is not exhaustive).

Customer CVs:

If a CV is passed to a potential employer in your search for employment, the employers’ privacy policy will apply to its retention.

Contacting us through the website:

When contact is made with us through the website, your email address will be recorded, these will be deleted periodically and will not be used in any way other than to reply in regards to your question/wishes.