Wise Steps is a project which helps people in Tyne and Wear to transform their lives with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund.

Wise Steps is a partnership of local organisations (including Newcastle Futures Limited) lead by the Wise Group. Wise Steps aims to promote a focus on customer wellbeing, ensuring every person who enters the programme is given the care and attention they need. Through assessing each individual’s needs and how they’re impacted by the barriers they face, we can work together to remove the issues that block their entry to work.

With a focus on the customer at its core, Wise Steps takes a holistic approach to helping you to find your way into work. Understanding every person who joins the programme is unique and has a different set of challenges ahead of them which allows Wise Steps to gain an understanding of how they can help each person find sustained employment. Barriers can be anything from financial constraints through to a lack of training and/or experience. By assessing each individual’s needs, we’re able to make Wise Steps work for them.

Each customer will receive 1:1 tailored support from a Personal Coach to help them take positive first steps towards work. Together you can overcome any challenges you may face in finding a job.

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Jobs@skillshub is a vacancy and information tool which anyone can use to find local and national employer vacancies and support.

Individuals looking for jobs, training or other support can find the right local help as vacancies, partners and agencies working in the city and the surrounding areas can be easily found with a quick search of the link.

So, if you are looking for work – sign up today and find the right local or national vacancy for you.

Or if you are an employer, training provider or support provider, sign up and start to advertise directly to local talented individuals looking for your opportunities.

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Leap Forward is a brand-new service aimed at those young people who have ended a Kickstart placement and are unsure of what their next step should be.

You will work with an adviser to help you:

  • make sense of everything that you gained on the Kickstart placement and how to build on it to promote to other employers.
  • boost your confidence or overcome disappointments, depending on how things ended.
  • decide on the right next step for you. This could be moving into employment, training, further education, or something else. It’s entirely at your pace.
  • identify what the job market has to offer and create a realistic plan to get you the success you desire.

This service is exclusive to those that have either completed a Kickstart placement or left a Kickstart placement prematurely and is completely free.

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